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» » [DLC] Northeast Corridor: New York - Philadelphia / PRR GG1 (Train Simulator / RailWorks) торрент скачать бесплатно

    [DLC] Northeast Corridor: New York - Philadelphia / PRR GG1 (Train Simulator / RailWorks) торрент скачать бесплатно

    Опубликовал: fregat | Дата: 30-04-2018, 10:09 | .torrent скачали: 19

    [DLC] Northeast Corridor: New York - Philadelphia / PRR GG1 (Train Simulator / RailWorks)Amtrak\'s Northeast Corridor is America\'s busiest passenger railroad and among its most
    vibrant and captivating. Across the Corridor, Amtrak carries more than 11 million passengers
    each year, the Corridor hosts America\'s fastest trains, and it is home to many of Amtrak\'s
    busiest and most famous stations, including classic New York Penn Station and Philadelphia\'s
    30th Street.
    Today known as Amtrak\'s Northeast Corridor, this legendary American route was built by the
    great Pennsylvania Railroad and was electrified during the PRR\'s expansive 1920\'s-1930\'s
    electrification project. In 2011, Train Simulator created the busiest segment of the corridor –
    the 91 mainline route miles between New York and Philadelphia – and now the famed \'NEC\'
    returns to Train Simulator in an enhanced and remastered edition!
    As an engineer on Train Simulator\'s Northeast Corridor route, you\'ll face all the challenges of
    high-speed operations on this bustling main line and also witness the numerous fabled
    locations along the line between New York and Philadelphia – the 14,500-foot long tunnels
    that carry the line under the Hudson River; busy intermediate stations at Newark, Trenton,
    and North Philadelphia; classic stone arch bridges over the likes of the Delaware and
    Schuylkill Rivers; and legendary Zoo Interlocking in Philadelphia. And you\'ll take the throttle
    of Amtrak\'s iconic Electro-Motive/ASEA 7,000-horsepower AEM-7 electric (now featuring an
    enhanced cab) that was the workhorse on the NEC for more than three decades.
    This \'remastered\' edition of the Train Simulator Northeast Corridor route captures the appeal
    of America\'s busiest passenger railroad and will provide you countless challenging railroading experiences!
    Ключевые особенности
    • An enhanced and remastered edition of Amtrak\'s electrified 91-mile route from New York
    City\'s Penn Station to Philadelphia\'s 30th Street Station.
    • Amtrak\'s iconic EMD-ASEA 7,000 EM-7 horsepower electric with enhanced cab features
    • Amtrak Amfleet passenger coach and cafe cars
    • Authentic lineside and in-cab signaling features
    • 8 challenging career scenarios for the route
    • Quick Drive compatible
    The Northeast Corridor Line route includes eight challenging career scenarios, including
    operations across the famed 91 route miles between New York City and Philadelphia:
    • Free Roam Scenarios
    • Go Newark
    • New Jersey Trenton
    • Spirit or Transportation
    • The Big Apple
    • Early Clocker
    • Evening Clocker
    • Lucky Northeast Regional
    • The Keystone

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    [DLC] Northeast Corridor: New York - Philadelphia/ PRR GG1 (Train Simulator/RailWorks)
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