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» » [DLC] Western Sichuan Pass: Dujiangyan - Maoxian & Mashancun (Train Simulator / RailWorks) торрент скачать бесплатно

    [DLC] Western Sichuan Pass: Dujiangyan - Maoxian & Mashancun (Train Simulator / RailWorks) торрент скачать бесплатно

    Дата: 28-06-2018, 10:09 | .torrent скачали: 2

    [DLC] Western Sichuan Pass: Dujiangyan - Maoxian & Mashancun (Train Simulator / RailWorks)The western highlands form perhaps the most striking scenery in all of China, and nestled
    within the mountains are towns such as Dujiangyan, Wenchuan and Maoxian, all of which are
    connected by the 160km long Western Sichuan Pass. The passengers experience an
    unforgettable journey across this line, all while the driver\'s skills are put to the test on a ruling
    grade of 3%.
    With such steep grades, and a top line speed of 160 km/h, the Western Sichuan Pass
    demanded an entirely new type of unit to compete with modern standards and safely
    transport passengers through the range. Enter the CRH6, a unique iteration of China\'s modern
    electric multiple units which could be built for a variety of uses.
    For the Western Sichuan Pass, the CRH6F was chosen, a quasi-high-speed commuter
    variation with a top speed of 180 km/h and high capacity to fill the express commuter role.
    Given the family\'s rapid acceleration and effective braking, efficient operation and as-
    standard creature comforts, the CRH6F was the perfect choice for such a route, and it entered
    service in July 2015.
    The CRH6F, given its tough environment, is relatively straightforward to drive. It has enough
    power and brake force to manage the grades, and features cruise capabilities to ease the load
    on the driver in harsh climbs and descents. For the passengers, a spacious cabin allows for
    high capacity and high comfort, with plenty of windows from which to enjoy the view.
    Buried within the Hengduan Mountains, the Western Sichuan Pass, which is ready for you in
    Train Simulator, truly is a change of pace from the high-speed networks that link cities
    together, instead, a chance to take a step back in awe of some of the world\'s most stunning
    peaks, from modern-day traction, awaits you.
    Ключевые особенности
    • 160 km route from Dujiangyan to Maoxian and Mashancun
    • CRH6F Modern high-speed train in 4, 8 and 16-car formations
    • CRH6F features cruise control, startup procedures and in-cab signalling
    • 5 challenging scenarios covering the vast route
    • Quick Drive compatible
    The Western Sichuan Pass includes five challenging career scenarios:
    • Yingxiu to Wenchuan
    • Run on a cold winter evening
    • Run through mountains
    • Morning express
    • Commuter run from Wenchuan to Mashancun

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    [DLC] Western Sichuan Pass: Dujiangyan - Maoxian & Mashancun (Train Simulator/RailWorks)
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  • [DLC] Western Sichuan Pass: Dujiangyan - Maoxian & Mashancun [Train Simulator / RailWorks]

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