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    [DLC] Netherfield:Nottingham Network (Train Simulator / RailWorks) торрент скачать бесплатно

    Опубликовал: fregat | Дата: 29-06-2018, 10:10 | .torrent скачали: 2

    [DLC] Netherfield:Nottingham Network (Train Simulator / RailWorks)The history of freight movements surrounding Nottingham began in 1850, when the
    Ambergate, Nottingham, Boston East Junction Railway formed an east-west link to
    Grantham. At Colwick, near the small town of Netherfield and the original western end of the
    line, several sidings were constructed to allow inbound goods to be transported by horse and
    cart into the city of Nottingham, as the Midland Railway was outright refusing to let freight
    traffic pass through their station.
    Having already made its place known, the Midland Railway grew a monopoly over the
    Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire coal traffic and the Great Northern Railway, which consumed
    the ANBEJR, wanted to have their own say in the lucrative industry. Since the original
    Ambergate line reached the outskirts of Nottingham, any further passage towards the city
    was through running rights. As the GNR sought to introduce their own coal traffic, the
    Midland Railway saw fit to significantly increase the cost of the rights to be prohibitively
    expensive. In return, the GNR decided instead to build their own infrastructure, it would be
    The line from Colwick was already extended into Nottingham, through a new station titled
    \'London Road\', (owing to the Midland\'s freight refusal), but a new line linking to various
    collieries all the way up to the Derbyshire coalfields via Daybrook was soon in place. The first
    GNR shed at Colwick was completed by 1875, and once the entire line was complete, it did
    not take long for tons upon tons of coal to start rolling in from the north, and the sidings,
    depots and collieries all saw massive expansion in the following years.
    The GNR, and the Midland, were not the only railways to pass through this area, the Great
    Central Railway was also a keen contender in the coal industry, shuttling between the yards of
    Annesley and Woodford Halse (south of Rugby), upwards of 40 times a day!
    When the GCR planned their \'London Extension scheme, which would see the construction of
    the London Marylebone and the now-lost Great Central Main Line, they jointly worked with
    the GNR to build the entirely new \'Nottingham Victoria\'. This vast and complex station was
    mostly hidden from view, being sub-surfaced in the heart of the city, yet that doesn\'t hide the
    fact that there were four signal boxes, two turntables and passing loops around all platforms,
    the volume of both passenger and freight traffic was incredible.
    Of course nothing lasts forever, as was the case especially for the steam era and Nottingham
    Victoria station; a gradual decline of coal traffic and the streamline of the British railway
    network would soon see many lines fall silent, and the day-to-day operations of
    Nottinghamshire would be allocated to history.
    Ключевые особенности
    • 40 mile post-war Britain route depicting the Nottingham area between 1948 and 1965
    • Five iconic steam engines including the Stanier 8F, Fowler 4F, Robinson Class O4,
    Thompson Class B1 and Sir Nigel Gresley\'s V2
    • Range of rolling stock from freight wagons to coaches, for period coal, cattle and milk
    • 8 challenging career scenarios
    • 3 Railfan Mode scenarios
    • Quick Drive compatible
    The Netherfield: Nottingham Network route includes 8 challenging career scenarios:
    • Football Special
    • Iron Ore Hoppers to Colwick
    • Coal to Colwick
    • Annesley Dido
    • Windcutter Empties to Annesley
    • Tunnel Closure Diversion
    • Gasworks Empties to Linby
    • Coal Empties from Colwick to Hucknall
    • Included Railfan Mode Scenarios
    • Bulwell Common
    • Hucknall Central
    • Nottingham Victoria
    Railfan Mode Scenarios
    • Bulwell Common
    • Hucknall Central
    • Nottingham VictoriaОбратите внимание:дополнение уже содержит локомотивы (Assets), необходимые для сценариев -
    Stanier 8F Steam,Fowler 4F,BR Robinson Class O4 и Thompson Class B1

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    Онлайн видео [DLC] Netherfield:Nottingham Network (Train Simulator

    [DLC] Netherfield:Nottingham Network (Train Simulator/RailWorks)
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