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    [DLC] Woodhead Electric Railway in Blue (Train Simulator / RailWorks) торрент скачать бесплатно

    Опубликовал: fregat | Дата: 1-07-2018, 10:16 | .torrent скачали: 8

    [DLC] Woodhead Electric Railway in Blue (Train Simulator / RailWorks)A rich history of modernisation and refinement awaits you on the Woodhead Electric Railway
    – see for yourself how advances in power and route design gave new life to a struggling
    operation. From the first days of this route steep and unforgiving gradients combined with
    heavy coal trains to make it a challenge for steam trains, so even as far back as the GCR days,
    discussions of electrification were taking place…
    Words were turned into actions by the LNER in 1936, who planned out the electrification of
    the line between Sheffield and Manchester, including the branch line to Wath, and even had a
    majority of the overhead gantries in place before the start of the Second World War. While
    the conflict halted the project, it was reinstated as soon as the war ended, however one big
    change to the line was added into the plan.
    To traverse the Pennines, the Woodhead Line when built bored through the landscape with
    tunnels stretching to 3 miles long. Initially, a single-track tunnel \'Woodhead 1\' was opened in
    1845 and was one of the longest in the world, this was soon followed by \'Woodhead 2\',
    another single-track pathway though the Pennines. Enclosed, and damaged due to years of
    use by steam locomotives, it was decided that the electrified line would pass through
    \'Woodhead 3\', a new twin-track tunnel that could incorporate the wires.
    A small fleet of 8 BR Class 506 EMUs were constructed for passenger use - these 3-car units
    would operate between Hadfield, Glossop and Manchester throughout their working lives. The
    506s were rather unique, along with the 76s and the Woodhead Line itself, in being electrified
    to 1500V DC, instead of the conventional 25 kV AC, this different electrification made it
    easier for heavy trains to use regenerative braking on the unrelenting downhill sections.
    Despite the modernisation and new fleet, the Woodhead Line was closed to passenger traffic
    in 1970, this controversy was due to the Hope Valley Line being all around more convenient,
    albeit less direct. The Woodhead Electric Railway in Blue captures the route as it was in its
    waning years, and in addition to that, covers extra mileage such as the Glossop Branch and
    Reddish depot. If that wasn\'t enough, the included traction; Class 08, Class 76 and Class 506,
    will all come equipped with Pro Range functionality for those who like an extra challenge.
    Glory in a piece of Railway history and experience the improvements that gave a brief second
    life to a truly wonderful route!
    Ключевые особенности
    Late 1970s rendition of the Woodhead Electric Railway
    • 43 mile route between Manchester Piccadilly and Sheffield Victoria
    • 3 mile branch line to Reddish Depot
    • 1 mile branch line to Glossop
    • 14 mile branch to Wath
    Pro-Range Traction
    • BR Class 08 in BR \'Longsight\' Corporate Blue livery
    • BR Class 76 in BR Corporate Blue livery
    • BR Class 506 in BR Corporate Blue livery, clean weathered
    • BR Class 506 in BR Blue Grey livery, clean weathered
    Rolling stock
    • Ex-LNER HOP 21-ton Coal Hopper
    • Ex-LNER Toad E Brake Van
    • BR HAA MGR 33-ton Hopper
    • BR MCV 16-ton Mineral Wagon
    • BR GUV General Utility Van in BR Corporate Blue livery
    • BR Mk1 Coaches in BR Blue Grey livery
    Quick Drive Compatible
    A wide range of Scenarios give you the chance to explore the entire route:
    • 08 01. Guide Bridge Shunting
    • 506 02. 2H78 Hadfield to Manchester Piccadilly
    • 506 03. 2H78 Manchester Piccadilly to Hadfield
    • 506 04. Commuter Rescue
    • 76 05. The Easter Tommy – 21st April 1981
    • 76 06. 6M40 Rotherwood to Fiddlers Ferry Power Station
    • 76 07. 6M28 Wath to Fiddlers Ferry Power Station
    • RailfanMode Broadbottom
    • RailfanMode Guide Bridge

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    [DLC] Woodhead Electric Railway in Blue (Train Simulator/RailWorks)
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