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    [DLC] Canadian National Peace River (Train Simulator / RailWorks) торрент скачать бесплатно

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    [DLC] Canadian National Peace River (Train Simulator / RailWorks)Created by Milepost Simulations, the Canadian National Peace River route delivers the
    experiences of hauling lumber products, timber, grain, and mixed commodities across 40
    route miles of demanding, scenic Canadian National trackage located in Northern Alberta,
    Train Simulator\'s Canadian National Peace River route is centered upon the town of Peace
    River, Alberta, and includes portions of the Canadian National Railway\'s Peace River, Manning,
    and Daishowa Subdivisions. The southern end of the Train Simulator Canadian National Peace
    River route is at Judah, located high on the Alberta prairie. From Judah to Grimshaw, via Peace
    River and Roma Junction, the route re-creates much of the CN Peace River Subdivision. From
    Roma Junction to nearby Roma Yard, the route replicates a key element of the CN Manning
    Sub, and from Michaud (on the west bank of the Peace River), the route fully re-creates the
    modern and rugged 10-mile Daishowa Subdivision to Peace Valley.
    The included rail lines provide the Canadian National Peace River route with both main line
    tonnage and robust lineside tonnage sources, including grain elevators and loading facilities at
    Grimshaw, and a modern and expansive lumber mill at Peace Valley. Handling main line
    tonnage on the Canadian National Peace River route is a guarantee of challenging railroading.
    The line between Judah and Peace River involves a tortuous 2.4 percent grade linking the
    river valley and high prairie. The work west of the river is demanding, too; climbing from
    Michaud to Roma involves a gradient of over 2 percent and use of a double-horseshoe to gain
    The Canadian National Peace River route includes locomotives and rolling stock ideally suited
    to serve on the line. The featured locomotive is Canadian National\'s six-axle, 3,000-
    horsepower SD40-2W. Based on Electro-Motive\'s standard SD40-2, the SD40-2W features
    the Canadian \'comfort cab,\' a design which includes a full-width and strengthened nose,
    more spacious crew cab, and distinctive four-piece windshield. The SD40-2W is provided in
    two CN liveries, the railway\'s current livery and CN\'s earlier \'zebra stripe\' livery. Featured
    freight equipment includes Canada\'s classic cylindrical-design covered grain hoppers in two
    well-known liveries; boxcars in two liveries; center-beam and bulkhead lumber flats; and a
    Canadian National-design steel cupola caboose. And to put you right to work hauling tonnage
    and handling switching duties, the route also features a selection of six career scenarios
    which provide realistic operating experiences across the entire 40-mile route.
    Explore the great prairie and river country of Canada and master a range of locomotive skills
    with the Canadian National Peace River route!
    Ключевые особенности
    • 40 route miles of challenging Canadian National trackage and operations in North Alberta\'s
    scenic prairie and river country
    • Diverse main line, branch line, and lineside switching operations
    • Yards and lineside industries at Peace River, Grimshaw, Roma, and Peace Valley
    • Canadian National \'comfort cab\' SD40-2W in two authentic CN liveries
    • Freight equipment, including Canadian-design cylindrical covered hoppers, boxcars, center-
    beam flatcar, bulkhead flatcar, 4-chute coal hopper, tank car, open gondola, and Canadian
    National-design steel cupola caboose.
    • Six challenging and realistic career scenarios
    • Quick Drive compatible
    The Canadian National Peace River route includes six highly authentic and challenging career
    scenarios that take you across the 40-mile length of the railroad:
    • Winter Work Train
    • Peaceful Morning Part 1
    • Peaceful Morning Part 2
    • Peaceful Morning Part 3
    • Peaceful Morning Part 4
    • Peaceful Morning Part 5

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    [DLC] Canadian National Peace River (Train Simulator/RailWorks)
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