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» » (Progressiverock, Krautrock, Ethnik, Experimentalrock etc.) POPOL VUH - 4 студийных альбома (1973-1978) - FLAC (image + .cue), lossless торрент скачать бесплатно

    (Progressiverock, Krautrock, Ethnik, Experimentalrock etc.) POPOL VUH - 4 студийных альбома (1973-1978) - FLAC (image + .cue), lossless торрент скачать бесплатно

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    (Progressiverock, Krautrock, Ethnik, Experimentalrock etc.) POPOL VUH - 4 студийных альбома (1973-1978) - FLAC (image + .cue), losslessСтрана: Германия
    Жанр: Progressive rock, Krautrock, Ethnik, Experimental rock etc.
    Формат: FLAC (image + .cue)
    Битрейт аудио: lossless

    1. \'Selig sind, die da hungern; selig sind, die da dürsten nach Gerechtigkeit; Ja, sie sollen satt werden\' - 5:59
    2. Tanz der Chassidim - 3:12
    3. \'Selig sind, die da hier weinen; Ja, sie sollen später lachen - 5:07
    4. \'Selig sind, die da willig arm sind; Ja, ihrer ist das Himmelreich\' - 3:10
    5. \'Selig sind, die da Leid klagen; Ja, sie sollen getröstet werden\' - 3:39
    6. \'Selig sind, die Sanftmütigen; Ja, sie werden einst die Erde erben\' - 2:30
    7. \'Selig sind, die da reinen Herzens sind; Ja, sie sollen Gott schauen\' - 2:33
    8. \'Ja, sie sollen Gottes Kinder heißen; Agnus dei, agnus dei\' - 2:39
    Florian Frickepiano, cembalo, vocals
    Daniel Fichelscherguitars, drums, conga
    Conny Veitguitars
    Klaus Wiesetamboura
    Robert Eliscuoboe

    Einsjäger Siebenjäger1974
    1. Kleiner Krieger 1:04
    2. King Minos 4:24
    3. MorgengruЯ 2:59
    4. Wьrfelspiel 3:08
    5. Gutes Land 5:13
    6. Einsjдger Siebenjдger 19:23
    7. King Minos II (CD bonus track) 1:55
    8. Wo bist du ? (CD bonus track) 5:42
    Florian FrickePiano Spinett
    Daniel FichelscherGuitars Percussion
    Djong YunVocals
    Olaf KüblerFlute

    1. Aguirre I - 6:15 Fricke
    2. Flote - 0:55 Fricke
    3. Morgengruss II - 2:54’ Fichelscher
    4. Aguirre II - 6:13 Fricke
    5. Agnus Dei - 3:01 Fricke
    6. Vergegenwaertigung - 16:48 Fricke
    Florian Fricke PianoSpinett
    Daniel FichelscherE A Guitar Percussion
    Djong YunVocals

    1. Brьder des Schattens 5:41
    2. Hцre, der du wagst 5:58
    3. Das Schloss des Irrtums 5:35
    4. Die Umkehr 5:56
    5. Mantra 1 6:13
    6. Morning sun 3:19
    7. Venus principle 4:39
    8. Mantra 2 5:20
    9. Die Nacht der Himmel 5:01
    10.Der Ruf der Rohrflцte 3:37
    11.To a little way 2:32
    12.Through pain to heaven 3:45
    13.On the way 4:03
    14. Zwiesprache der Rohrflцte 3:22
    De Jong, Ted(tamboura)
    Eliscu, Robert(oboe)
    Fichelscher, Daniel(e-guitar, a-guitar)
    Fricke, Florian(piano, synthesizer)
    Gromer, Alois(sitar)
    Guest:A chorus from Munich
    Доп. информация:
    Florian Fricke was born by Lake Constance in 1944. From 1959 till 1963 he studied music in Munich, where he was a pupil of Rudolph Hindemith (Paul Hindemith\'s brother). At the age of 25 he became acquainted with the Moog synthsizer which leads him to form his band POPOL VUH. This name and inspiration come from the holy book of Guatemala\'s Quiche Indians. Historically, Popol Vuh\'s "Affestunde" (1970) is the first experimental rock release entirely built around the Moog Synthesiser (with the add of percussions to provide a mystical flavour).
    In 1971, their second album "In Den Garten Pharaos" keeps on fusing ambient electronic textures with traditional, ethnic instruments, but put the stress on spiritual themes. In 1972, "Hosianna Mantra" marked a turning point in POPOL VUH career by rejecting electronic instrumentations in favour of acoustic elements including a lot of oboe, konga, tamboura accompaniment and female vocals (the Japanese soprano Djong Yun and later Renate Knaup, front woman of AMON DÜÜL II)
    In 1974, after the departure of the guitarist Conny Veit (the founder of GILA), Daniel Fichelscher (former drummer of AMON DÜÜL II) becomes an active member of POPOL VUH ethereal and spiritual adventure. Florian Frike\'s POPOL VUH was also known from a larger audience thanks to the collaboration with the German director Werner Herzog, providing the soundtracks of many of his classic films, notably the hypnotic and reflective "Aguire, Wrath of God", "Heart of Glass"...In 1978, Florian Fricke founded the "working group for creative singing" and became a member of the society of breathing therapy. He holds lectures all over the world on his work in this field.

    Florian Fricke (1944-2001)
    Часть вторая. Часть первая по ссылке

    (Progressiverock, Krautrock, Ethnik, Experimentalrock etc.) POPOL VUH - 4 студийных альбома (1973-1978) - FLAC (image + .cue), lossless
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