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» » [Peachpit Press] Designing Effective Logos: Learn by Video [2014, ENG] торрент скачать бесплатно

    [Peachpit Press] Designing Effective Logos: Learn by Video [2014, ENG] торрент скачать бесплатно

    Опубликовал: fregat | Дата: 4-07-2015, 05:24 | .torrent скачали: 75

    [Peachpit Press] Designing Effective Logos: Learn by Video [2014, ENG]Год выпуска: 2014
    Производитель: Peachpit Press
    Сайт производителя: peachpit.com
    Автор: Maggie Macnab
    Продолжительность: 5:21
    Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
    Язык: Английский

    The DNA of a strong business identity is its logo, making effective logos key to the success and longevity of any business. In this six-hour video, educator, author, and award-winning logo designer Maggie Macnab explores how to create powerful logos that are meaningful, effective, and substantial enough to scale over time and beyond trend.
    Macnab pulls from her 30 years of experience as a designer and educator to reveal the secrets to making your logos memorable, aesthetic, and immediate through universal principles and shapes. She explains the basic principles of successful logo designs (balance and proportion, symmetry, the 5 Gestalts, etc.) and the importance of visual storytelling as you conceive your logo designs. She also offers practical business approaches to sourcing clients, strategies for designing what you’re drawn to, advice on how to draft a successful proposal to land the job, and guidance on how to legally protect your work–the essentials of logo business–along with the fun stuff of finding inspiration, exploring software tools, and developing your creative skills as the basis of logos that truly work.
    In this video, you will learn about:
    Different types of logos, from symbolic to literal
    The business of logo design: contracts and legal considerations
    Logo design principles such as gestalt, negative/positive space, visual storytelling, scaling, and economy
    Secondary logo design considerations: color, typography, and technique
    Creating identity guidelines to maintain the integrity of the brand and to support your client’s future brand
    This video course comes with review mini-tests and exercises to help gauge your progress and understanding of the material. The video is wrapped in a unique interface that allows you to jump to any topic and also bookmark individual sections for later review. The popular “Watch and Work” mode shrinks the video into a small window to allow you to work alongside the instructor, practicing what you learn and reinforcing freshly gained knowledge.
    Разработка логотипов. Самое интересное в это истории, что об этом Уил Смит ничего не знал. Курс для графических дизайнеров.

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    [Peachpit Press] Designing Effective Logos: Learn by Video [2014, ENG]
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