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» » [Udemy] [GameDev.tv] The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games [2017, ENG] торрент скачать бесплатно

    [Udemy] [GameDev.tv] The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games [2017, ENG] торрент скачать бесплатно

    Опубликовал: fregat | Дата: 12-01-2018, 10:10 | .torrent скачали: 4

    [Udemy] [GameDev.tv] The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games [2017, ENG]Год выпуска: 2017
    Производитель: Udemy
    Сайт производителя:https://www.udemy.com/unrealcourse/
    Автор: Ben Tristem, Sam Pattuzzi, GameDev.tv by Ben Tristem
    Продолжительность: 55,5 ч. видео
    Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
    Язык: Английский


    Learn C++ from scratch. How to make your first video game in Unreal engine. Gain confidence in programming.
    Подробные данные
    Лекции: 314
    Видео: 55,5 ч.
    Уровень навыка: Все уровни
    111510 студентов
    Языки: Английский
    NEW Testing Grounds FPS shipped, including...
    Much more C++ and Blueprint.
    AI Blackboards Behavior Trees.
    Environmental Query System (EQS).
    Humanoid Animation Blending.
    Never-ending Level Design.
    The course now has high quality hand written subtitles throughout, available as closed captions so you can turn them on or off at your convenience.
    This course started as a runaway success on Kickstarter. Get involved now, and get access to all future content as it's added. The final course will be over 50 hours of content and 300+ lectures.
    Learn how to create and mod video games using Unreal Engine 4, the free-to-use game development platform used by AAA studios and indie developers worldwide.
    We start super simple so you need no prior experience of Unreal or coding! With our online tutorials, you'll be amazed what you can achieve.
    Benefit from our world-class support from both other students, and the instructors who are on the forums regularly. Go on to build several games including a tank game, and a First Person Shooter.
    You will have access to a course forum where you can discuss topics on a course-wide basis, or down to the individual video. Our thriving discussion forum will help you learn and share ideas with other students.
    You will learn C++, the powerful industry standard language from scratch. By the end of the course you'll be very confident in the basics of coding and game development, and hungry to learn more.
    "Any serious game programmer needs to know C++"Jason Gregory, Lead Programmer at Naughty Dog (creators of Uncharted The Last of Us)
    Anyone who wants to learn to create games: Unreal Engine is a fantastic platform which enables you to make AAA-quality games. Furthermore these games can be created for Windows, consoles, MacOS, iOS, Android and Web from a single source!
    If you're a complete beginner, we'll teach you all the coding and game design principles you'll need. If you're an artist, we'll teach you to bring your assets to life. If you're a coder, we'll teach you game design principles.
    What this course DOESN'T cover...
    Whereas this course is already huge, we can't possibly cover everything in that time. Here are some things we will not be covering...
    Team collaboration topics.
    Editor plugins or modifications.
    Physics engine modification.
    Multiplayer features.
    Note: access to this course comes with an optional, free community site where you can share games and 3D models, as well as connect with other students.
    Start your transformation now, you won't be disappointed!
    Каковы требования?
    64-bit PC capable of running Unreal 4 (recommended).
    Or a Mac capable of running Unreal 4 (must support Metal).
    About 15GB of free disc space.
    Что я вынесу из этого курса?
    Learn C++, the games industry standard language.
    Develop strong and transferrable problem solving skills.
    Gain an excellent knowledge of modern game development.
    Learn how object oriented programming works in practice.
    Gain a more fundamental understanding of computer operation.
    Какова целевая аудитория?
    Competent and confident with using a computer.
    Artists who want to bring their assets alive in a game engine.
    Developers who want to re-skill across to coding.
    Complete beginners who are willing to work hard.
    Existing programmers who want to re-skill to game development.

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    [Udemy] [GameDev.tv] The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games [2017, ENG]
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