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Creative COW / AE Training by Aharon Rabinowitz [2006-2008] торрент скачать бесплатно

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Creative COW / AE Training by Aharon Rabinowitz [2006-2008]
Год выпуска:2006-2008
Aharon Rabinowitz got his start in animation the long way around.
His years of experience in television production, technology, and the arts lead him to become a technical manager
for a team of educational software designers and animators. Slowly but surely he learned the tools of the trade,
and has been animating ever since. Never going a day without trying something new, his knowledge, experience,
and love for his craft come through clearly in his work.
Using both 2D and 3D software to bring his ideas to life, Aharon\'s work can be seen on television almost everyday.
His credits include animation for Jimmy Neutron, MTV, Sesame Street, Verizon and Nickelodeon. Through beta testing
and consulting, the combination of both his artistic and technical skills has helped breathe life into software from Adobe,
Curious Labs, Corel, and Innuendo Software.
When he\'s not animating, Aharon can be found helping his friends brew beer, dancing the Salsa with his wife, or futilely
trying to stop his cat, Ford, from scratching the couch. He plays several instruments (not often enough) and sings in the
shower (too often).
Aharon is also the creator of the first DVD in our Creative COW Master Series of training products with his particleIllusion
Fusion: Vol. 1. This disk is the fusion of wondertouch particle Illusion and Adobe After Effects. Aharon is the author of our
best selling "Internet Killed the Video Star: Compressing Video for the Web" DVD from the Creative COW Master Series.

Creative COW/ AE Training by Aharon Rabinowitz [2006-2008]
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