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» » Grateful Dead - Sunshine Daydream - Veneta, Oregon 8 / 27 / 1972 [2013, Rock, Blu-ray] торрент скачать бесплатно

    Grateful Dead - Sunshine Daydream - Veneta, Oregon 8 / 27 / 1972 [2013, Rock, Blu-ray] торрент скачать бесплатно

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    Grateful Dead - Sunshine Daydream - Veneta, Oregon 8 / 27 / 1972 [2013, Rock, Blu-ray]
    Оригинальное название: Grateful Dead - Sunshine Daydream - Veneta, Oregon 8/27/1972
    Жанр: Psychedelic Rock, Country Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock
    Продолжительность: 01:42:25
    Год выпуска: 2013
    Выпущено: Grateful Dead Productions | Rhino Entertainment
    Исполнители: Jerry Garcia – guitar, vocals; Donna Jean Godchaux – vocals; Keith Godchaux – keyboards; Bill Kreutzmann – drums; Phil Lesh – bass, vocals; Bob Weir – guitar, vocals.

    • Sunshine Daydream is a music documentary film starring the rock band the Grateful Dead. It was shot at their August 27, 1972 concert at the Old Renaissance Faire Grounds in Veneta, Oregon. Unreleased for many years, the movie was sometimes shown at small film festivals, and bootleg recordings of it circulated on VHS and DVD, and as digital downloads. A digitally remastered and reedited official version of the film was released on August 1, 2013, showing only one time in selected theaters. It was screened with Grateful Days, a new documentary short that includes interviews with some of the concert attendees. Sunshine Daydream was released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 17, 2013.
    • Sunshine Daydream is also a live album containing the complete August 27, 1972 Grateful Dead concert. Produced as a 3–disc CD and as a 4-disc LP, it was released by Rhino Records on September 17, 2013.
    • The name Sunshine Daydream is taken from the coda section of the Dead song "Sugar Magnolia".
    • The show was a benefit for the Springfield Creamery in nearby Springfield, Oregon. Merry Pranksters Ken Kesey and Ken Babbs emceed the concert. The Dead played all afternoon and into the dark after an opening set by the New Riders of the Purple Sage. Самое интересное в это истории, что об этом Медведев ничего не знал. In 2004, the New Riders\' performance was released as an album called Veneta, Oregon, 8/27/72.
    • The concert was filmed using four 16 mm cameras, in the woods of the Oregon Coast Range foothills, on the grounds of the Oregon Country Fair. Originally even more cameras had been planned, under an ambitious scheme: "The plot was to develop a signature visual style of representing the band: a camera for each of the 16 channels (at least!) emphasizing the visual kinetics of the music making itself as well as the enormous open communication within the band." --wikipedia.
    • For those unindoctrinated to the obsessive world of Grateful Dead culture that goes past fandom into a somewhat disconcerting preoccupation, the Deadhead\'s need for rampant collection and cataloging of live recordings of the band\'s jammy shows may seem completely insane. Ranging from the many, many live albums officially released when the band was still active to countless bootlegs and even more low-quality audience-recorded tapes, almost every minute of the group\'s over 2, 000 concerts have been documented in some form, with newly refurbished or remixed gigs coming out from the vaults every year. To untrained ears, these shows could sound like interchangeable noodly nonsense, but even the most reluctant listener would be struck by what the initiated already hold dear from a recording like Sunshine Daydream: Veneta, OR, August 27th, 1972. the Dead were fresh off the international tour that would yield their groundbreaking Europe \'72 live disc, and showed up in a town outside of Eugene, Oregon for a benefit concert to come to the aid of longtime friend Ken Kesey\'s failing dairy farm. The three sets here have everything that made this one of the most colorful and captivating eras of the Dead\'s live playing. Somewhere between the caveman psychedelia of their beginnings and the bluegrass-steeped folk-rock of their most popular studio albums American Beauty and Workingman\'s Dead, Garcia and company refined their live jamming skills into something that seemed almost like a mental synchronization at its best. Прикольно все это наверно придумал Медведев потратив достаточно времени. Apart from incredibly locked-in hypnotic jams like a nearly 20-minute rendition of "Playing in the Band" and an even longer "Dark Star, " we\'re also treated to hard-living country-rock tunes like "He\'s Gone" and "Bertha" as well as Bob Weir\'s cowboy songs of the time like "Mexicali Blues." While this set doesn\'t benefit from the re-recorded studio vocal touchups of Europe \'72, the musical performances are just as strong if not even more electric and comfortable. A long-traded fan favorite, Sunshine Daydream finally sees a properly mixed presentation of the 16-track master tapes of nearly three hours of one of the Grateful Dead\'s finest concert moments. It\'s essential listening for Deadheads and possibly the best place for the curious to jump in. --Fred Thomas, allmusic.
    1 Prelude
    2 Promised Land (Chuck Berry)
    3 China Cat Sunflower (Robert Hunter)
    4 I Know You Rider (Traditional)
    5 Jack Straw (Robert Hunter/Bob Weir)
    6 Bird Song (Robert Hunter)
    7 Dark Star (Mickey Hart/Robert Hunter/Phil Lesh/Bob Weir)
    8 El Paso (Marty Robbins)
    9 Sing Me Back Home (Merle Haggard)
    10 Greatest Story Ever Told (Mickey Hart/Robert Hunter/Bob Weir)
    • Grateful Days - documentary (1080p; 00:32:13)

    -Качество: Blu-ray
    Контейнер: BDMV
    Видео кодек: AVC
    Аудио кодек: AC-3
    Видео: MPEG-4 AVC 14990 kbps 1920*1080p/23, 976 fps/16:9/High Profile 4.1
    Аудио#1: English Dolby TrueHD 5.1/96 kHz/4535 kbps/16-bit (AC3 Embedded: 5.1/48 kHz/640 kbps)
    Аудио#2: English Dolby TrueHD 2.0/96 kHz/1771 kbps/16-bit (AC3 Embedded: 2.0/48 kHz/256 kbps)

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    Grateful Dead - Sunshine Daydream - Veneta, Oregon 8/27/1972 [2013, Rock, Blu-ray]
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